Exclusive content: Your way to building & capitalizing on a fan base

Promoting, selling, and capitalizing on content online has a lot of potential, most of which still remains untapped even for those who are experienced streamers. Even though live streaming serves as the core business for most models, diversifying your portfolio with different types of content can help you extend your reach, engage fans even more and monetize your live streams better. In this article, we’ll explore how you can make the most of the content you create.

Why should you have a well-defined content strategy?

Engage with fans and build your own brand

By merging the live cam experience with content distribution, you can create a unique and engaging experience for your fans. Their experience is not only defined by what they see during live streams; it's also important what daily content they see from you on our platform or social media. This is a chance to engage them, pique their interest in your next stream, and build a loyal following. Ultimately, this will positively impact your bottom line.

Capture them with live streams, capitalize on content

Consider the customer journey and the lifetime value of your fans. Initially, they will watch your free content and may decide to become paying customers if they enjoy the experience. If they return multiple times, they will become regulars. Offering exclusive content provides an opportunity to further engage these regulars and offer a premium experience for VIP customers. This approach not only increases the monetization of your super fans but also allows for deeper connections with them through your content.

How to start building a FanBase with exclusive content

If you are new to offering exclusive content, do not worry. Here are some best practices we have collected from experienced models over the years. Always keep in mind that every beginning is difficult, but your efforts will be worth it in the end.

1. Provide behind-the-scenes access

To make fans and followers feel like they are part of the process, offer them exclusive behind-the-scenes access to your performance or content creation.

2. Offer personalized content

Offer personalized content to fans, such as customized videos or photos, for an additional price. This not only makes your biggest fans feel special but also provides a great opportunity to learn more about their fantasies.

3. Collaborate with other models

If you're struggling to gain traction for your exclusive content at first and you're interested in working with others, collaborating with other models could be a good place to start. Offer joint exclusive content to expand your reach and attract new fans.

4. Create a FanClub subscription

Transform exclusive content into a reliable revenue stream by offering a FanClub subscription and encouraging fans to become repeat customers. Once you start your own subscription service, it's essential to give your VIPs the premium treatment they deserve. Reach out individually and in a personal way as soon as possible to the users who subscribed to your Fanclub. It's important to note that the only way you can reach out to an individual customer via DMs is for the users to start the conversations first. Otherwise, you can communicate while you are streaming online. Additionally, seize the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell your offerings and promote your live stream to your Fanclub Base.

Best practices to start capitalizing on exclusive content

Once you have experience creating different tiers for your content and understand how your fans prefer to engage with you, you can focus on the business side of your content. Follow, test, and implement our tips to maximize your revenue by offering premium content.

1. Offer exclusive discounts

Once you have obtained your first fans who have signed up for your exclusive content, your main focus should be on scaling your subscribers. Offering limited-time discounts can serve as an effective strategy for doing that, giving fans the final push they need to close the deal. To create urgency and scarcity around your offer, highlight the amount of time left before the discount expires and the number of discounted spots still available. This will create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and incentivize fans to sign up before it's too late.

2. Run social media contests

Social media contests can serve as supporting pillars for exclusive content. They can help increase awareness, engage your audience, and expand your reach and following. To incentivize fans to engage with your content and pique their interest, host social media contests with exclusive content as the prize.

3. Provide sneak peeks

Create buzz and anticipation before releasing exclusive content by offering sneak peeks. By doing so, your fans will be primed for its release and feel like they are getting a first look at something special. Sneak peeks can also be used to test content ideas. Sharing a small portion of your content allows you to get feedback from your audience and use it to improve your content before releasing the full version.

4. Offer bundle deals

Got a steady fanbase and you’re looking into ways to maximize revenue with your content? Combine multiple pieces of exclusive content and offer them at a discounted rate as a bundle deal to create an irresistible offer.

The bottom line

Whether you’re a newbie or already a pro in content creation, it’s worth taking it a step further and examining all the ways you can monetize your content. Try our different strategies, see what works for you, and feel free to reach out if there is any way we can help.


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