How to build a solid fan base from scratch

Building up a fan base from scratch may seem extremely challenging, but successful performers with massive follower bases all started with only a few regulars.

There’s one thing you always need to keep in mind: you don’t find fans, you create them. Instead of focusing on growing your reach and finding more fans, turn your attention towards how you can create an experience that turns casual drop-ins into your biggest supporters over time.

To give you a hand with that, in this article, we’ve gathered everything we’ve learned about building a fan base over the years:

  • why building a solid fan base is critical,
  • how to categorize fans and treat them accordingly,
  • what you should consider before starting to build your fan base,
  • 8 top tips from experienced cammers that helped them turn visitors into regulars.

Let’s dive right in.

Why is building a fan base from the start essential?

It’s very simple: it comes down to math. Regulars will come back from time to time and spend more. Their presence does not only provide you with a steady source of income, but they are also more willing to open their wallets if you offer something extra. Since regulars are ready to pay a premium to enjoy your company, you need to treat them as prime customers.

How to categorize fans and treat them accordingly

Not all fans are created equal. Learning about your fan base can be the most important thing you do. We identified the following 3 categories:

1. The Freeloader

They come by occasionally to watch you for free, but most of the time they’re reluctant to stay for private shows. Freeloaders, however, can still help you build up the hype around you, and increase your favorites base. So make sure to keep them entertained with regular, fun content, but don’t let them take your focus away from regulars with higher monetization opportunities.

2. The Occasional Drop-In

Occasional Drop-Ins are warm leads with a lot of potentials. They need a lot of nurturing to turn into Patrons. When a name seems to be familiar, this is when you know you’re dealing with an Occasional Drop In. They may not make up the largest proportion of your income, but the real growth opportunity lies in this segment. Especially if you dedicate only a limited amount of time to streaming and your attention isn’t endless: make sure to focus on them.

3. El Patrón / The Patron

Your biggest advocate. They not only show up to watch you streaming regularly but also follow you everywhere they can. They may even recommend you to their friends. Even though you’ll likely have only a few of these fans, they will generate a huge portion of your income and they should be treated accordingly - with special attention.

First things first: know your category

Building a fan base does not happen organically. You need to have a set strategy before going online. You need to obsess over your audience and know them so well that it feels like you can read their minds.
To create a fitting strategy, first, you need to consider what kind of audience you’re likely to attract. Non-nude, Anonymous, Girlfriend type, Hardcore or Dominatrix models will all attract different kinds of viewers who expect to be treated in a certain way. Think about and research what your audience wants to experience in a certain category and deliver a show that far exceeds their expectations. It takes a very different experience for Dominatrix viewers to break away from the monotony of their everyday lives than for Girlfriend type customers.
This will include such considerations from you such as setting the right mood and wearing the right outfits.

8 top tips from experienced cammers that work regardless of your category

1. Greet new faces

If you see new names or names you don’t recognize, point them out, and greet them. Even if they’ve seen you before, this will give you a chance to establish a connection. Make sure to introduce yourself every time you do a show and mention what your schedule is.

2. Make notes of users

Make notes of Occasional Drop-Ins, write down what they liked, what you know about them, and how you interacted with them. Liked a certain toy? Tease them by dusting it off on your private show. Compliment on a certain body part? Show your appreciation with a little show-off. Succeeded to cheer them up last time? Say that they’re set for a good day this time as well.

3. Keep a regular schedule

Regulars can only become regulars if they know when they should be around. Set a regular schedule, mention it while streaming, and also post updates on your Activity Feed. It gives you a free channel to do a small promo for your next show: say when it will be and what will be featured.

4. Build up your brand and turn it into a whole experience

Standing out of millions of cam models with something unique can be tricky, but completely doable. You have all the tools you need to do that:

  • Create your own jargon/slang you use while streaming,
  • Have a distinct style or theme, curate your outfits, makeup, lighting, and set with care.
  • Do activities that other models don’t do: find new games, and showcase special items your audience likes.

The most important thing about creating a brand is that you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. Listen to your fans. Follow and try what they’re fond of and stick with whatever seems to work for you and them both.

5. Turn social media followers into customers

Use social media to attract new fans. If you have a considerable follower base, invite them to check out your streams or hint where else they can find you online.

6. Invite fans to come back

It might seem very simple, but it does the trick: thank your audience for sticking by. Let them know when you’ll be streaming next and tease them about what they will be in for if they come back.

7. Only do shows at your best

Drop-ins will only turn into regulars if they enjoy a great experience every time. You must show your best when you’re on camera. Seize every opportunity you have with your fans and make sure you never let any potential fans slip away only because you have a bad day. Premium customers deserve a superior experience every time.

8.  Never say no – offer alternatives

When your fans log in, they enter a fantasy world far away from the harsh realities of their everyday lives. They probably don’t want to acknowledge boundaries and rules, they’re here to forget about it all. So instead of saying “no” to a request you’d rather not fulfill, offer an alternative instead and make it feel like a deal, never a rejection

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